Automated Sculpture, copper, steel, fire.

I am Molly Barrett, a Newcastle based designer/ Maker.

Having studied Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University, I have since applied the skills and knowledge acquired to a range of arts disciplines including set design, instillation art, puppetry and arts workshops in educational settings. In 2018 I also completed a PGCE in primary education.

I have worked with a great range of people and companies, including NGI (Newcastle Gateshead initiative); Alphabetti Theatre;  Coracle; The Science Art and Writing Trust; NORCA (Norwich carnival arts);  Norwich, Sunderland and Newcastle City Councils; Northern Stage; ARC Stockton; Live Theatre; Theatre Royal Newcastle; Magnetic Events; Wildworks; Nutmeg Puppets; Unfolding Theatre; Pinwheel events; The World Famous; Dodgy Clutch theatre; Norwich Puppet Theatre; Norfolk and Norwich Festival… The list goes on.

Where ever I am and whoever I am working with, I strives to make work that feeds the imagination and inspires inquiring minds.

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