My Work

I am currently working with Club Adelphi, a new theatre company based in the North East of England. IMG_8207

Club Adelphi creates theatre with a unique visual style. Under The microscope, the comapanie’s debut show is inspired by a love of crime drama and forensic science. It focuses on the life of Dr. Elizabeth Novak, a highly influential pathologist, who’s work has changed the course of justice countless times.

This summer saw us complete the projects first stage of development (you can see much more at We are now attempting to gather the funds to finish the development and do a small national tour of the production, meanwhile we are dong scratch performances at Manipulate Edinburgh and Norwich 2014.

Seeing as how the idea for the show came during a Puppet Masterclass with Figuren Theatre Turbingen  at manipulate 2012, it all seems very correct.

IMG_8208                                                             IMG_8204

We have great hope for the show. The audience response from the preview show’s was very positive (always a shock to hear people talk about your work when you are so lost inside it for so long) and we really think that the popularity f the genre will encourage people less inclined to see puppet theatre to attend, whist also tacking some very real issues around the place of forensic science in a modern day legal situation.

I feel very privileged to be part of this work. We have spent many amazed hours with the staff at Teeside Univerity’s forensic’s department. they have really opened our eyes to the amazing things we can now do with science, from using mineral residues in our bones to create a geographical timeline of a person’s life, to how bones react in fires.
It has opened our eyes to the impact the TV programs such as CSI have on jurys and criminals alike and questions on the use of forensic evidence in the court room. This is when I love my job!


I hope to tell you more soon!





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